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TikTok to cut more jobs globally – reports



Video-sharing platform TikTok is planning to lay off a large percentage of its operations and marketing workforce, according to US media reports.

The global redundancies are expected to affect teams that handle user support and communications, as well as content and marketing.

It is understood that given the nature of the roles, the impact on the company’s Irish operation will be minimal.

In February, TikTok announced plans to restructure its training and quality division which affected hundreds of Irish-based roles.

At the time, the company said that many of those staff would be redeployed within the company.

In January, TikTok that around 20 Irish-based jobs were at risk due to a restructuring of its small and medium business division.

TikTok currently employs around 3,000 people in Ireland.

The company’s Irish operation in playing a central role in its efforts to reassure European regulators that user data is secure.

“Project Clover” is TikTok’s data security plan and it involves the storage of European user information at data centres in Dublin and Norway.

The Chinese-owned video-sharing app has faced scrutiny over how much access China has to user data.

In April 2023, the National Cyber Security Centre issued guidance advising Irish Government departments and state agencies against the use of the app on official devices.

The US and UK governments, as well as EU institutions, have also banned the platform on staff devices over cybersecurity fears.

TikTok has described the government bans as misguided and based on misconceptions.

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