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Top fashion trends for spring 2024: Sheer whites, retro revival, sustainable chic and more

As we navigate the spell of the new year, the same old question captivates the mind of the fashion-inclined populace: What should I include in my closet for the months coming ahead? That’s when ideas related to wardrobe refresh pop up in the mind, coming straight from the Spring/Summer 2024 runway. Just a few weeks into the year, the spring catwalk shows and some daring red-carpet outfits have already set the defining fashion trends for the year. Nostalgia dominated last year’s top trends, from the resurgence of early 2010s fashion to ‘stealth wealth’, which revived 90s minimalism. With the resurgence of elementary school favourites like bows and preppy polos, this year is predicted to be all about experimentation. (Also read: Winter colour trends 2024: Bright and bold shades to try this season )

Spring/Summer 2024 fashion trends are all about vibrant palette, sustainable chic, and revival of retro influences.(AP, Instagram)

Spring/Summer 2024 Fashion Trends Forecast

Neeraj Singh, Fashion Expert and Head of Design, Fashinza shared with HT Lifestyle key trends that will set the fashion scene ablaze in Spring/Summer 2024.

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1. Embracing Eco-Chic Revolution

As the fashion-inclined populace readily turns environment-conscious, they prefer to make purchases that support ethical practices and eco-friendly materials. Upcycled treasures, recycled fabrics and earth-conscious designs are continuing to prioritize sustainability over modernized choices. Considering this shift, marketplaces will be exhibiting opportunities for retailers to emphasise on clothing crafted from recycled or repurposed fabrics – cotton, hemp or linen.

2. Maximalist Minimalism

Over the years, Minimalism has taken a maximalist turn in 2024. Minimalistic fashion will revolve around neutral colours and simple silhouettes, introducing subtle variations with muted tones this SS’24. This year, consumers will boast a sophisticated and decent look with unexpected turns and twists of bold and vibrant accessories and exaggerated proportions.

3. Sheer Whites

Sheer whites have been in highlight for morning and evening wear in a row. With a light and airy feel, sheer white fabrics are perfect for warmer days. To give the angelic white an erotic twist, there is nothing more elegant or breathable than a white outfit, whether you’re heading to a dinner date, a Sunday brunch or a beach holiday. Additionally, to not lack the intricate details, sheer white adorned with embroidery, paired with shorts and denim can be playful this SS’24.

4. Athleisure evolution

Along with being environmentally conscious, the fashion-oriented populace is continuing to become health and fitness-conscious. The trend will include comfort, casual and sporty styles adorned by joggers, sneakers and sports-inspired accessories such as smartwatches. In SS’24, especially, the working millennials will embrace athleisure clothing even in their workplaces to embed their fitness and sports routine in their everyday work routine.

5. Bottomline

In the whirlwind of SS’24 trends, it is going to be a season of self-expression, individuality and breaking the norms to embrace trends that elevate the look. Undoubtedly, these sizzling styles will encourage a wardrobe that boasts a sense of responsibility with sophistication.