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Understanding the flaws of the Libra Zodiac sign – Times of India

Libra, the seventh zodiac sign, is known for its charm and desire for peace. But like everyone else, Libras have some dark parts too. Let’s take a closer look at the bad things about them.
Libras are Indecisive. They like to think things through carefully, which is good, but sometimes they take a long time to choose. This can make them feel unsure and frustrated.
Libras care too much about looks.They might focus too much on how things appear rather than what’s important inside. This can make it hard for them to build deep relationships.
Libras also don’t like arguments. They’d rather avoid tough conversations and keep everyone happy. While this can seem nice, it can cause problems if they don’t deal with issues directly.
Libras can feel unsure about themselves. Even if they seem confident, they often look for approval from others. This can make them feel down about themselves.
Libras have good qualities like charm and fairness, they also have their negative sides. They can struggle with decisions, care too much about appearances, avoid conflict, and feel insecure. Being understanding will help us comprehend them better and in turn build a strong bond.

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