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What’s In My Suitcase: How Fashion Buying Director Shelly Corkery Travels In Style – The Gloss Magazine



“Business travel is a constant in my role as Fashion Buying Director at Brown Thomas, where I oversee all fashion and accessories. I travel six to seven months of the year, attending biannual fashion weeks in London, Paris, Milan, Copenhagen, and New York. The purpose of these trips is to explore emerging trends as well as meeting designers and brands. It’s also important for me to visit other department stores, including Bon Marché and Printemps in Paris, and Selfridges, London, to see their brand mix and edit. At Brown Thomas we are always working on getting the balance right between prices, sizes and offering; my role is as much about mathematics as style, and not overspending on the budget for each brand.

“Over the years, I have made close friends and colleagues in different cities – meeting with them regularly to share a love of fashion, culture and retail is energising. Retail for me is about being precise, fair and transparent in business dealings and prioritising my time on developing brand relationships.

“I enjoy visiting new designer collections in exquisite showrooms and ateliers in Paris and Milan and bringing their identity and vision back to Brown Thomas, where we strive to give customers the very best luxury retail experience. Each season we bring designers to our stores so customers can meet and engage with them. Organising these events is a rewarding part of my role.

“When it comes to packing, planning for every sort of occasion is essential. I don’t travel light, usually taking a couple of Rimowa suitcases. Long days demand energy and positivity, and my wardrobe becomes an essential ally in staying vibrant. Depending on the meetings and shows I am attending, I wear a mix of my favourite pieces with a representation of the brands. SS24 season collections from Prada, The Row and Courrèges have been some of my favourites this season. I’m always prepared with some extras – a black dress from Prada, Saint Laurent heels and a chic evening bag from Bottega or Celine. Sometimes an invitation arrives when you least expect it – you never know when Dolce & Gabbana will invite you to La Scala! It pays to be prepared – time does not allow for fashion emergencies!”@shelly.corkery

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