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Whitney Johns Talks About Her Journey From Chronic Illness to Fitness Champion – Grit Daily News

Fitness entrepreneur and cover model Whitney Johns amassed nearly a million followers on Instagram. A channel that started as a means to support her modeling career began resonating with audiences when she took the opportunity to educate her followers about fitness and nutrition.

“I grew up with chronic pain and awful migraines,” says Johns. “I just had this poor quality of life even as a young kid. I always felt like an old woman in a young girl’s body. I dove into troubleshooting it myself [about] how to fuel my body properly so I wouldn’t have to be affected by all these ailments.”

Drawing from her own nutrition journey to overcome childhood illness, Johns became a model of self-determination.

“The way that it built confidence and the way that it empowered me…having that control to create the physique that you want and create the life that you want. I was hooked and so I decided to make it my career and teach others,” she says.

A year ago, she launched her own product line, Whitney Johns Nutrition. (Disclosure: this is how Whitney and I got to know each other – I do some consulting for her partner, Healthy Extracts, Inc.)

“I saw in the fitness industry there was a lot of gimmicky stuff and misinformation and things being sold that are actually harmful to your health,” says Whitney. “I made it my mission to bring a line to market that’s really going to help people with their gut health, their mental health, their brain health and their hormone health.”

Experiencing early success in customer subscriptions, her product line is featured alongside a collection of inspirational women-owned product businesses on Amazon’s Buy with Prime in celebration of Women’s History Month.

“It’s such an honor, because it’s in this elite group of women-owned businesses…it’s really a testament to the quality of the products and what they’re doing for people’s lives,” she says.

Whitney was quick to point to the confidence she gained during her journey as a pillar of her success.

“If you can focus on one thing that you can get better at…if that’s as simple as showing up to the gym and working out for 30 minutes. Not striving for perfection, but knowing that brick by brick the more that you keep these commitments that you’re making to yourself, it’s going to strengthen your confidence and who you are and what you deserve.”