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Will the Detroit Lions beat their 2023 NFL Vegas win total?

The 2023 NFL Draft has yet to arrive, but DraftKings isn’t waiting on setting expectations for the Detroit Lions upcoming season.

On Saturday, DraftKings, the official sportsbook of SB Nation, rolled out their win totals for the 2023 NFL season, and the Detroit Lions have clearly raised the bar. Last year, the Lions win total was set at just 6.5 wins, but that number made plenty of sense considering where Detroit was at in their rebuild. For 2023, that number has climbed all the way up to 9.5 after a fury of free agency moves has elevated to Detroit to the en vogue team of the moment.

Which brings us to today’s Question of the Day…

Will the Detroit Lions win 10 games?

At least, that’s what the book wants to know. This early into the offseason, the books are trying to suss out where the public is at with these teams—and I’d be willing to bet they’re going to find out real quick Detroit, through their incredibly shrewd moves in free agency, has become a team that’s captured the eyes and ears of those paying attention.

If you’re trying to get in on this number at 9.5 (-120), you better get it in soon. In nearly a month’s time, the draft will once again cause the public to course correct on their prognostications. If Brad Holmes short history as general manager has taught us anything, he’s pretty damn good at evaluating draft prospects and making picks. There isn’t any real way of this train losing steam in between now and then, so if you’re thinking the Lions are going to take the leap into division—and conference contention—now is the time for you to place your wager.

If you’re asking me for unsolicited gambling advice, this is a no-brainer: hammer the over at 9.5. 10 wins will likely be the number any team in the NFC North has posted on their whiteboard because it feels like that number could win you the division. The Lions are also the odds-on favorite to win the NFC North, per DraftKings, so it feels like there won’t be a better time for you to lock in this bet at fairly decent odds (-120).

Your turn.


Lions’ 2023 win total?

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