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World Backup Day: 5 top organisations working to keep your data safe

World Backup Day, celebrated on March 31st, is an annual reminder for individuals and organizations to protect their important data by backing it up. With the increasing dependence on digital technology, data loss can have severe consequences, including financial losses, reputational damage, and even legal issues. To mark this day, we will discuss six companies that are helping you secure your data.


Acronis is a global leader in cyber protection solutions, offering backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sync and share services. Its flagship product, Acronis True Image, provides comprehensive backup and recovery features, including disk cloning, disk imaging, and version control. Additionally, Acronis offers cloud-based backup solutions for businesses of all sizes, providing secure data storage, remote management, and automated backups.
Carbonite is a cloud-based backup and recovery provider that offers data protection for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Its portfolio of products includes backup for workstations, servers, and databases, as well as disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. Carbonite’s solutions are easy to use and offer secure data encryption, ensuring that critical data is always available.


Noventiq is a leading global solutions and services provider in digital transformation and cybersecurity, headquartered and listed in London. The company enables, facilitates and accelerates digital transformation for its customers’ businesses, connecting 75,000+ organizations from all sectors with hundreds of best-in-class IT vendors, including AWS, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, VMWare, among many others, alongside its own services and solutions. With a turnover of US$ 1.1 billion in the fiscal year of 2021, Noventiq is currently one of the fastest-growing companies in the sector.


Backblaze provides cloud backup and storage solutions for individuals and businesses. Its services include continuous data backup, unlimited storage, and easy data recovery. Backblaze also offers a range of security features, including two-factor authentication, SSL encryption, and private encryption keys. The company’s transparent pricing policy and user-friendly interface have made it a popular choice for personal and business users alike.


Veeam is a data management and backup software provider that offers solutions for virtual, physical, and cloud-based environments. Its products include backup and replication software, as well as disaster recovery and cloud data management tools. Veeam’s solutions are designed to help businesses ensure business continuity, minimize downtime, and reduce the risk of data loss.


Datto is a global provider of cloud-based backup and recovery solutions for businesses of all sizes. Its portfolio of products includes backup and disaster recovery services, as well as cloud-based data protection and business continuity solutions. Datto’s solutions are designed to be easy to use and offer fast recovery times, ensuring that businesses can quickly resume operations in the event of a data loss.

In conclusion, data backup is an essential aspect of modern life, and these five companies are helping to ensure that individuals and businesses can protect their valuable data. With their innovative solutions, secure data storage, and easy-to-use interfaces, these companies are leading the way in data backup and recovery. On World Backup Day, take a moment to reflect on the importance of data backup, and consider adopting one of these solutions to secure your data.