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WWE WrestleMania 39: Predictions, preview, how to watch

Pro wrestling’s biggest and grandest event of the year is landing in La La Land.

World Wrestling Entertainment’s WrestleMania — now in its 39th year — will take place April 1 and 2 at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. It’s the third straight year, the event will be broken up into two separate nights.

The event, which serves essentially as the annual season finale for WWE, has many questions to answer. Can John Cena, now more movie star than wrestler, defeat the younger, hungrier Austin Theory. Will Dominik Mysterio get his comeuppance after months of torturing his dad, Rey Mysterio? Can Cody Rhodes, the WWE’s prodigal son, take down Roman Reigns and his 900-plus-day reign as champion?

Here’s a look at the card and predictions for the show:

How to watch

Date: April 1-2
Time: Preshow at 5 p.m. MT, main card at 6 p.m. MT both nights
Location: SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif.
TV: Peacock

Colorado connections

Bobby Lashley: The Parker resident was originally slated to face Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania. That match has since been pulled.

Otis: The former CSU-Pueblo wrestler will be teaming up with Chad Gable the men’s WrestleMania Showcase fatal four-way tag team match.

Saturday card

Austin Theory vs. John Cena
WWE United States championship
Singles match

How we got here: A Theory-Cena match has been teased for nearly a year now with mentions on social media and Theory dressing up like a young Cena for a WWE photoshoot. Things ramped up in March with Theory openly challenging Cena.

Why you should care: It’s a John Cena match. Now that he’s moved pretty much fully into the world of acting, his appearances in the ring will be fewer and further in between moving forward. Enjoy him while he’s here.

Who should win: Cena.
Call it nostalgia, call it a feel-good moment, but seeing Cena win the U.S. belt again would be fantastic. His 2015 run with his open challenges was one of the best in the title’s history.

Who will win: Cena.

Seth Rollins vs. Logan Paul
Singles match

How we got here: Paul (yes, the YouTube star) eliminated Rollins from the Royal Rumble in January. Rollins took offense and bad-mouthed Paul, who retaliated by attacking Rollins at the Elimination Chamber. Now they face off at WrestleMania.

Why you should care: Rollins is one of the best in-ring performers in the world and Paul is no slouch himself after impressive matches at last year’s WrestleMania (with The Miz against the Mysterios) and this past Crown Jewel (against Roman Reigns).

Who should win: Rollins.
As impressive as Paul has been, Rollins deserves to get the win over the part-timer.

Who will win: Rollins.

Trish Stratus, Lita and Becky Lynch vs. Damage CTRL (Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky)
Six-women tag match

How we got here: The Damage CTRL team has been feuding with Lynch since its formation at last year’s SummerSlam. Lynch would team up with WWE Hall of Famer Lita to capture the women’s tag titles from Kai and Sky in February when Stratus — another Hall of Famer — prevented Bayley from interfering on her teammates’ behalf.

Why you should care: Lita and Stratus were two of the biggest stars in the women’s division in the early 2000s, creating a standard in the ring when women were used mostly as eye candy by the company. Now in their late 40s, they’ll be in the ring with four of the company’s most entertaining wrestlers. Plus, Iyo Sky is going to jump off of something tall.

Who should win: Damage CTRL.
Since their formation, the group has been underwhelming in their in-ring accomplishments. A victory over Lita, Lynch and Stratus would be a breath of fresh air for the team.

Who will win: Lita, Lynch and Stratus.
It feels like it’s going to be a feel-good moment for this trio.

Braun Strowman and Ricochet vs. The Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) vs. Alpha Academy (Chad Gable and Otis) vs. The Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar)
WrestleMania Showcase fatal four-way tag team match

How we got here: These four teams qualified in various ways in order to compete in this match.

Why you should care: This match could low key be a show stealer. The amount of talent in the ring — from high-fliers (like Ford and Erik), big bodies (Strowman and Otis) and all-around skill (Gable) — gives this match the potential as a big-time crowd pleaser.

Who should win: Strowman and Ricochet.
Since teaming up, these two have been fun to watch with their mix of power and high-flying action. A win here would help set up some momentum post-‘Mania. The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders are already proven tag teams who don’t need the push. And Alpha Academy seems destined to break up, especially with Otis being recruited by the Maximum Male Models.

Who will win: Strowman and Ricochet.

Rey Mysterio vs. Dominik Mysterio
Singles match

How we got here: The real-life father-son duo of Rey and Dominik ended last September when the younger Mysterio turned on his father. Since then, Dominik has become one of the most audibly hated wrestlers in the company. After several unsuccessful attempts to get his father to agree to a match, Rey finally relented after Dominik disrespected his own mother.

Why you should care: Rey Mysterio, who is also headlining this year’s WWE Hall of Fame class, has been one of the world’s best wrestlers over the last three decades. And after all the antics Dominik has done to his dad, from attacking him on Thanksgiving to attacking him again on Christmas (and getting arrested), it’ll be fun to see the younger Mysterio get some comeuppance.

Who should win: Rey Mysterio.
There’s nothing like seeing an insufferable brat getting his just desserts. Now with Rey committing to fighting his son, he deserves to win after months of attacks.

Who will win: Dominik Mysterio.
That said, Dominik has proven he’s not above taking shortcuts to get his way. Look for the son to come out on top.

Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Rhea Ripley
WWE SmackDown women’s championship
Singles match

How we got here: Ripley won this year’s women’s Royal Rumble match in January, giving an opportunity to challenge one of the women’s world champions for the title. She called out Flair, who defeated her at WrestleMania 36.

Why you should care: Flair always brings her A game when the spotlight shines brightest. And Ripley’s popularity has absolutely skyrocketed ever since she joined The Judgment Day.

Who should win: Ripley.
Ripley’s been on skyward trajectory over this past year. It’s time to finally put the world title belt around her waist again.

Who will win: Ripley.

The Usos (c) vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn
WWE unified tag team championship
Tag team match

How we got here: Over the past year, Zayn has been trying to join Roman Reigns and the Bloodline. After months of working to prove himself to the family — including taking out his best friend and long-time rival Owens at Survivor Series — Zayn was put in a position where he had to do irreparable harm to Owens. Instead, he turned on Reigns. The Usos — Reigns’ real-life cousins — ultimately sided with their family member and attacked Zayn. Owens, after weeks of declining to help Zayn, he relented to team up with his friend.

Why you should care: This is the best storyline in the world of pro wrestling. If you have an hour, the video above breaks the whole situation down.

Who should win: Owens and Zayn.
After years of ruling over the WWE, the Bloodline is slowly showing cracks. Owens and Zayn winning the belt will not only bring a huge reaction from the crowd, but continues the descent of the most powerful faction in the WWE.

Who will win: Owens and Zayn.

Sunday card

Brock Lesnar vs. Omos
Singles match

How we got here: Omos challenged Lesnar in February. The Beast Incarnate accepted.

Why you should care: Lesnar is a beast in the ring — the best combination of power, size and athleticism of his generation. Omos is an absolute monster at 7-foot-3 and 400 pounds. Things are gonna break.

Who should win: Omos.
If the WWE wants to build for the future, it needs to give Omos the win. No better way to give credibility to an unstoppable giant than to beat the most dominate wrestler in the company over the last decade.

Who will win: Lesnar.
It’s hard to see Lesnar losing.

Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez vs. Natalya and Shotzi vs. Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler vs. Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville
WrestleMania Showcase fatal four-way tag team match

How we got here: These four teams qualified in various ways in order to compete in this match.

Why you should care: Shotzi’s tank entrance.

Who should win: Rousey and Baszler.
In all honestly, these two are the only ones who are actually a team. A win here would absolutely put them at the top of the pecking order to go after the women tag titles.

Who will win: Rousey and Baszler.

Edge vs. Finn “The Demon” Balor
Hell in a Cell match

How we got here: Edge created The Judgment Day following last year’s WrestleMania. But after a short stint, he was ousted as the leader by Balor, Damian Priest and Ripley. Now he wants revenge.

Why you should care: This match brings back Balor’s “Demon” persona — complete with Venom-inspired body paint and a more vicious attitude. And Edge, who just a few years ago was considered permanently retired, is in the tail end of his comeback.

Who should win: Balor.
It’s often forgotten that Balor was the first WWE universal champion before suffering an injury that ended his reign after just one day. A win over the Hall of Famer gives him momentum into the new wrestling year.

Who will win: Balor.

Gunther (c) vs. Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre
WWE intercontinental championship
Triple-threat match

How we got here: Sheamus and McIntyre battled to a draw to see who would take on Gunther for the title at WrestleMania. Now both will be in the match.

Why you should care: These are three big, beefy guys who are going to punish the heck out of one another.

Who should win: Sheamus.
The intercontinental championship is the one title in which Sheamus has never held. A win here would give the 45-year-old a feel-good win. Plus, it opens up Gunther for a possible world title chase in the future.

Who will win: Sheamus.

Bianca Belair (c) vs. Asuka
WWE Raw women’s championship
Singles match

How we got here: Asuka won the women’s elimination chamber match, which gave her a shot at Belair’s title.

Why you should care: Belair is an absolute athletic freak of nature — an absolute delight to watch in the ring. Asuka is an amazing wrestler and has recently readopted her spookier persona from her days in Japan.

Who should win: Asuka.
Somehow Asuka has never won at WrestleMania — three matches, three losses. Here’s a shot for her to redeem her losses.

Who will win: Asuka.

Roman Reigns (c) vs. Cody Rhodes
Undisputed WWE Universal championship
Singles match

How we got here: Reigns has been the Universal champion since Aug. 30, 2020 and unified it with WWE title at last year’s WrestleMania. Rhodes earned his shot at the belts when he won the Royal Rumble in January.

Why you should care: Reigns and the Bloodline has been one of the best storylines in pro wrestling in years. But the cracks have been forming (see: The Usos vs. Owens and Zayn) and Roman’s empire is beginning to crumble around him. Enter Cody Rhodes — the WWE’s prodigal son, who left the company in 2016 and went out to make a name for himself elsewhere. He became a star in the independent scene and Japan. Later, he helped the formation of All Elite Wrestling, the closest major competition the WWE has had since WCW folded in 2001. He was a surprise return at last year’s WrestleMania and now looks to complete his, well, Rhode back home.

Who should win: Rhodes.
The son of the son of a plumber has been amazing in the ring, amazing on the microphone and carries himself like the face of a company. If anyone should dethrone Reigns — who will have held the universal title for 941 days come Sunday — it should be him.

Who will win: Rhodes.